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Underfloor Heating

Surrey & Sussex Heating Ltd Underfloor Heating Installation

Wet Underfloor heating installation involves running a system of pipes underneath the floor of a room. This effectively transforms the entire floor into one huge heat emitter that warms up the space.

Underfloor heating heats from the ground up, which not only results in better comfort levels, but also puts less of a strain on your boiler when compared to traditional radiator systems. This is because of the lower operating temperature (around 40°C) of underfloor heating — radiator systems usually operate at around 65°C.

UFH is actually closer to being a ‘radiator’ than a radiator is. It heats the mass of the floor (the screed and the floor finish) and that heat then (mostly) radiates into the room — there is some convection going on but over 80% of heat transfer is by radiation.

We can also install an overlay underfloor heating system that fits over you existing floor, the two main underfloor heating suppliers we use are Nu-heat and Wunda (click the links to find out more)

It is also useful to note that underfloor heating is great when used in combination with renewable technology, such as heat pumps, which have a low flow rate.

 The two most common types of wet underfloor heating are:

  • A Buried underfloor heating installation involves placing the pipes into the floor screed. The floor screed is finished, burying the pipes, and the different zones are controlled by the underfloor heating manifold. This is the most efficient wet UFH system, but better suited to extensions and new builds where new floor screeds are required. 

  • Surface mounted underfloor heating involves specialist systems that install the warm water pipes in insulated panels or crates. They are designed to be low profile, adding just 15mm to the floor level (Nu-Heat LoPro®), however, this will still cause some issues when retrofitted. These systems tend to be more expensive, too.


While underfloor heating has a higher initial expenditure than radiators, don't let this put you off. The running costs are generally far lower for UFH than radiators. It's worth noting too that an underfloor heating Installation has a lifespan of 50 years plus, while the average radiator will only last between 8-12 years before becoming inefficient. 

A wet underfloor heating system is estimated to be 25% cheaper to run than radiators when attached to a modern boiler.

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