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Gas Boiler Service

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Boiler Service

An annual boiler service will make sure your boiler is working properly. We always recommend that these are carried out once a year because if your boiler isn’t working properly, you will be more than likely wasting money on running the boiler. You’ll also be more likely to need an emergency callout during winter, as your boiler may be at risk of breaking down if annual checks aren’t carried out. A Regular Gas boiler service will significantly reduce this risk and ensure your boiler is running at maximum efficiency.

Our expert boiler engineers can carry out a boiler service to make sure everything’s working properly. You will receive printed analysed results and a Gas Boiler Service Certificate which includes an in-depth report on the health of the boiler and its components. To reduce fuel cost Condensing boilers require annual boiler servicing to check pressures, combustion settings, safety and economical running . Your boiler has vital parts that require cleaning to prolong its life. A Boiler service every year is required by Manufacturers to keep the warranty in place.

What checks are included in a boiler service?

Each boiler service includes many checks:

  • Visual inspection: Any boiler service begins with a visual inspection of the boiler and associated pipework. Our engineer's will then look at whether your boiler is working correctly before starting the service.

  • Casing removal: Your engineer will then remove the casing to look at and clean the components to ensure your boiler is working safely and efficiently.

  • More checks: Our boiler engineers then complete a series of checks, including checking case seals, correct gas pressure, flue and combustion, to ensure the boiler is burning the right mixture of gas and check the flue is not blocked or any corrosion and safe to use. They will also check the electrical connections, fans and other components, electrodes, safety devices, condensate pipe, and condition of water and gas pipework. These checks are designed to ensure that your boiler is working safely.

What we do next?

It is essential to ensure that any appliance in your home works safely and your boiler is at the heart of your heating system.

You will be told if your boiler does not meet safety legislation or building requirements.

We can explain any repairs or maintenance work needed to bring your boiler up to standard, and we can quote for this work.

At Surrey & Sussex Heating our boiler engineers only use manufacture approved parts, and we also carry a wide range of spare parts in our vans. You will always receive a full-service report for your records. The service will take around an hour to complete.

How often should I get my boiler serviced?

Your boiler should be serviced every 12 months. You may have a warranty on your boiler, so it must be serviced every year to meet the requirements. This will also offer you valuable peace of mind. If you wish to spread the cost of boiler servicing, we offer boiler care plans. All plans include an annual boiler service or a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate (CP12).

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Take a look at our blog for some more information on what's involved in a boiler service

If you’re a landlord or homeowner who’s looking for an annual Gas Safety Certificate then please do get in touch, and our boiler servicing team would be more than happy to help.

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